UMC EMS Ambulances, EMTs Get a New Look

Out with Blue, In with the Old

LUBBOCK, TX - University Medical Center EMS ambulances are getting a new look, by going out with the blue, and bringing back the traditional white ambulances. They have also introduced new uniforms for first responders.

Last year, Lubbock City Council formed a sub-committee to determine how EMS services should operate in Lubbock. Those changes included becoming more neutral by making the ambulances white and the paramedics uniforms to red and black versus blue. 

UMC EMS signed a four-year contract with the city on the changes, which began January 2017. 

While the colors may have changed, all of the services will remain the same and are still operated by UMC as it has been since the 1970s.

The blue ambulances are not going anywhere. They'll stay the same, but if they get damaged or scratched they'll be re-wrapped in white paint. 

"They wanted a more neutral look. About 8 years ago, UMC changed the look of the ambulances, the blue, to brand it more with the color scheme of the hospital," said Eric Finley, spokesperson for University Medical Center. "And so, the city decided they wanted something more neutral, reflective of all the hospitals that we serve."

By the end of 2017, Finley says they're expecting to roll out five to six more of the white ambulances.   

When the contract with the city ends in 2020, it's anticipated that Lubbock's fleet of ambulances will be all white.

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