Ventura Place Seniors See Importance of Voting Even Through "Crazy" Election

"I've never seen a more crazy election period."

LUBBOCK, TX - People across the country are making their vote count, but for several, this isn't their first experience going through the election process. Seniors at the Ventura Place Living Community talk about their thoughts on the election this year.

"This year is the worst year we've ever had," says Ventura Place Resident, Thomas Nash. "This is the first year I voted and I really didn't know who to vote for. I didn't know, because they argued and fussed and called each other names, and that's not right."

Nash is not the only one unhappy with how this election has turned out.

"There's been a lot of negativity. I hate that part of it, I really do," says Paul Archinal, who is a frequent visitor at Ventura Place. "I think they've gotten away from the issue of the issues and just talk personality, which they should leave that out because that's not what we're voting for."

Nash along with Paul and his wife, Swan Archinal, have all been voting since the 1950s. 

"You don't really vote for the party. You vote for the person and that's what we've always tried to do," Swan says. "There's always been at least one candidate that we like. This is one time it was kind of hard to choose."
They all say it's been a tough one this time around.
"It's been depressing to try to figure out who is the best one for the country," Nash says.
To change that, the Archinal's make sure they're festive for any patriotic day of the year.
"We don't have enough patriotism now and we'd like to see more of it," Swan says.
One thing Nash and the Archinal's agree on is that no matter what the circumstances are, they all still believe it's important to cast your vote. The Archinal's also agree that social media has played a huge role in impacting the elections over the years.


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