Veterans Fundraise for a Veteran Memorial in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock veterans got a big surprise today when they found out a new monument is in the works that will honor area veterans. 

The proposed monument is being called the "Monument of Courage." They hope to raise $750,000 by November 2018. 

But the event was also held to gather local veterans to support one another and reflect on shared experiences. Post traumatic stress is a serious issue that veterans face. 

It's one of the main things that Shilo Harris speaks about and the one he focused on today. 

Retired Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris was injured in an IED explosion and has since had more than 70 surgeries. But he said coming home was the hardest part and now he's speaking out for other veterans about post traumatic stress. 

"They don't feel like their sacrifices were warranted," said Harris. "It's so important when you have monuments or just say a simple 'thank you' to these men and woman who have sacrificed so much of their time and so much of their lives to our nation."

The theme of this luncheon was veteran suicide, a problem that the director of Vet Star said isn't talked about enough. 

"It's important because we're losing 20 of our veterans everyday in this country," Colonel Dave Lewis said. "One a dat would be one too many. The community needs to be aware."




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