Victim Describes Being Beaten By A Gas Company Impersonator

Family Says Suspect was Hired to Kill Homeowner

LUBBOCK,TX - On the 4700 block of 29th Street, a homeowner was beaten with multiple weapons and his life was threatened by a man impersonating a gas company employee Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.

The Homeowner Anthony Carter told KLBK and the suspect called his cell phone about a gas leak to his home.

"I thought it was kind of suspicious," Carter said. "I called Atmos energy and I spoke with one of the representatives and I told her what the guy was saying."

The impersonator told Carter that Atmos worked for him and he needed to check the entire neighborhood for gas leaks. 

"He told me he needed to come here and it would only take about 15 minutes to do the inspection," said Carter.

After the suspect conducted a fake inspection, he asks Carter to show him an old energy bill. On their way inside the house, the suspect pulled out a weapon on Carter.

"We were actually here and we were leaving to go out and this lady just ran out and asking for help and she had two handguns in her hand and was wanting us to go inside and help her," said Neighbor Nate Ramirez.

"He tased me in the back with a taser," Carter said. "I turn around and I said some explicit stuff to him and I started approaching him. As I started he pulls out a gun. He starts to tell me to get on the ground, get on the ground. I told her [the fiance] run, get out of here."

"Blood was running down my face and I was trying to keep him from getting to her," Carter said. So I ended up kicking him in his private parts and he went down. When he went down he grabbed that weight set I have there and he hit me upside the head. I fell back on the ground and that's when he slammed it down on my face. Then he took off."

Carter said the suspect then surprisingly called him back shortly after he ran off. 

"He said you really need to thank your girlfriend," Carter said. "There's a powerful group of people, and I'm not going to mention their names. He said there's a powerful group of people in Lubbock who want you dead. He said they hired me to come here and kill you."

"He said they told me there wouldn't be any women or children here and he said I don't do women and children," Carter added.

Despite it all, Carter said he refuses to be run out of town.

"I'm just not afraid of them, I'm a man of the lord," Carter said.

Lubbock Police described the suspect as 5'11, African American, bald, with a hefty build. 

They ask anyone with information to call Crime Line at 741-1000.


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