Video Included: Man Wrestled to Ground, Arrested in Courtroom Scuffle

MOBILE, AL - Video showed tense moments in court in Mobile, Alabama as DeMarcus LeAndrew Lymon, 24, was wrestled to the ground by at least five men, including the Mobile Police Chief.

Lymon was identified as the son of Valerie Rena Patterson. She was in court Wednesday morning for a bond hearing because she is accused of abuse of a corpse after the death of a 5-year-old boy. 

Other charges could be filed against Patterson who was a daycare worker.  The boy was found dead near the daycare. 

It’s not clear why Lymon approached his mother and “aggressively went after” her. 

Lymon was arrested outside the courtroom and booked into Mobile Metro Jail.  He was charged with interfering with judicial proceedings, a class B misdemeanor.

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