Vuelta del Llano Bike Races

Published 07/03 2014 07:53AM

Updated 07/03 2014 08:02AM

The Vuelta del Llano Bike Races are being hosted by the Lubbock Monterey American Business Clubs (AMBUCS).

The two-day event will be held on Saturday, July 5 and Sunday, July 6.

The Vuelta del Llano is a three-event, two-day race, which will include races at Buffalo Springs Lake and Yellow House Canyon.

Participants can pay $95 to take part in all three races.

Spectators are welcome to enjoy the event at no cost.

All of the proceeds from the Vuelta del Llano Bike Races will benefit the Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS, which provides AmTrykes to those who otherwise would not get to share in the joys of riding a bike.

The organization also awards scholarships to therapy students.

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