Walk Like Madd: One Woman Shares Her Personal Story Of Surviving A Drunk Driver

LUBBOCK, TX - Dozens of families gathered outside of the Lubbock County Courthouse on Saturday morning for the annual "Walk Like Madd" 5K, an event that is aimed at encouraging the community to help eliminate drunk driving.

MADD spokesperson, Amanda Eldredge said they raised more than $6,700 in tickets today, funds that will allow MADD to continue providing free services to victims of drunk driving. 

Victim, Kim Martin shared her personal story about how she survived an encounter with drunk driving back in 2015. Martin said she was standing in a field on July 4th watching fireworks, when a truck swerved and hit her. 

"I saw this truck and he was driving too fast and I turned to my son and said 'That guy is going to hit somebody' and I'm not kidding the next thing I knew I felt all this pain," Martin said.

Months of recovering, and seven surgeries later, Martin said it has been a long road and she is still going to court over the matter.

"At this point I want it to be over with, at first I was like I want him in prison for ten years, but now I'm just like you know what? I want it to be done with, I guess that's what happens. They wear you down," Martin said. 

To donate to MADD you can click here. 


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