West Texas Lottery Winner Gives Advice To The Newest Winner

"Lottery Winning Group" A Very Exclusive Club

LUBBOCK, TX - West Texas residents seem to have the lucky touch when it comes to the Lottery.

Emmett Neal Jr. won $10 million from the Texas Lottery back in 1993 and is survived by his wife Mallory, who is currently living in Lubbock still benefitting from his winnings.

In the end of March, Eliberto and Anita Cantu, a couple from Abernathy, won a $177 million jackpot in Arkansas in the Mega Millions drawing. Now Mallory is reaching out to the family to share some advice on what it's like to win the lottery.

“If you're grounded before you win the lottery, you should remain grounded after you win the lottery,” Neal said.

Neal said she learned from experience that you need to be able to trust the people you have helping you handle it.

“When he first won the lottery the biggest advice they gave him was get an attorney first, get a CPA and get an estate planner. If your with an attorney, estate planner or a tax accountant that you don't feel comfortable with, don't feel bad about firing them get someone else. You aren't obligated to them they are obligated to you,” Neal said.

She said she has worked to set money aside so their family can be comfortable in the future, but they’re also enjoying the perks of not having to worry about bills.

“Once the newness wears off you start going into an everyday life routine. You pretty much remain the same as you did before but you just have the luxury of not having to worry about bills,” Neal said.

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