Whooping Cough Outbreak in Lubbock

Lubbock, TX - A recent increase in pertussis cases, which is more commonly known as whooping cough, has city health officials warning the community. There have been 3 confirmed cases of pertussis in  Lubbock in just two weeks, according to the city's health department. "Hopefully we can get ahead of anything that we can potentially see more cases," says Katherine Wells Director of Public Health. It's a highly contagious infection that gets into the lung system and can cause inflammation. "It's really just a very bad persistent cough so its one of those coughs that you just can't seem to get a few breaths. You just cough and cough and cough," says Dr. Nawal Zeitouni Pediatrician. Other common signs include common cold symptoms such as runny nose, mild cough, and fever. "In the smaller children, in the babies, is where it really tends to be a concern. They can cough so hard and then they can't catch their breath and they're choking. With the older children and the adults it's just a nuisance cough," says Zeitouni. It's especially dangerous in children and in some cases can be fatal. That's why pediatricians strongly urge to get children and yourself vaccinated. "We've proven they're not the cause of autism and they're not the cause of learning disabilities. They can save your life and they can also prevent spreads like this. You may be vaccinated and do everything right, but if the person beside you chooses not to vaccinate, you could still be at risk."

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