Wildlife Severely Injured During Sunday's Storm

"You can see that we have cage after cage full of birds," Gail Barnes with the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center said while giving a tour to KLBK.

From starlings to doves to baby robins, the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is brimming with birds.

But it's not just birds with broken wings. There are squirrels without eyes and newborn bunnies without their mother.

"They were probably in the hole in the ground and the mother was probably covering them and she got hit from the hail. The people found them the next day and the mother was on top and she was covering them," Barnes said about the bunnies.

Now volunteers are acting as surrogate mothers, feeding and warming the animals back to life.

"People are starting to clean the debris out of their yard and they are starting to find them and bring them in," she said.

"They took a pounding. I mean baseball sized hail at least," James Clark said.

Resident James Clark found dozens of dead birds hidden beneath the tree limbs and debris surrounding his house.

And down the road KLBK found horses that brandish welts and blemishes all from that one frightful night.

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