Wind Storm Creates Boom For Some Local Businesses, Bust For Others

"We've been extremely busy, we've done over 500 cars today. Probably by the end of the day we will do anywhere from 600 to 800 just at this location," said Tino Garcia, manager of Racer Classic Car Wash.

Garcia says he doesn't mind dust storms.

"Anytime we get a storm like that the next day is going to be slam packed with them," he said.

And they were packed, Garcia says they've had a line around the corner all day.

"The owner should be real happy today," said Garcia.

But not all businesses are "cleaning up" from the storm. Hunter Hutchins of Lawn Raiders says dust storms create a mess for his business.

"When you have high wind you don't get paid for what we are doing out here it's just in the deal, if something blows off then we go put it back on so it makes it sort of a pain," said Hutchins.

Hutchins says his crew has been busy all day restringing Christmas lights.

"You know we like to have the lights on every night. We're out working every night because people pay good money for their Christmas lights," said Hutchins.

Hutchins says this is the worst dust storm he's seen in a while. He said he'd much rather have a snow storm because it's easier on the lights.

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