Wolfforth Sirens Getting An Upgrade

Published 06/18 2014 10:28PM

Updated 06/19 2014 12:28AM

By Monica Yantosh

WOLFFORTH, TX -- The Wolfforth outdoor warning sirens will be getting an upgrade, one that should make them more reliable and safer.

"You know, it is old technology, but the effectiveness is still there," Randy Cisneros, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Wolfforth said.

They currently have three tornado sirens, but Cisneros said it's been a few years since they've had to use the sirens for severe weather.

The last time they needed to activate them, Cisneros said, not everything worked as planned.

"The notification was sent, the console was used to send that notification to the siren, and upon activating it, nothing happened," Cisneros said. "Three or four hours later, they came on."

Now, he said when they have to turn on the sirens, a Wolfforth first responder has to go out to the siren and manually turn it on.

"We're putting ourselves at risk by travelling to the location, in inclement weather, and trying to ensure that we get there safely, and then we're out in the elements having to activate the siren," Cisneros said.

The city is spending about $10,000 on the remote activation upgrade, which Cisneros said should put less people out in the storms.  Once the update is done, they will be testing the sirens, but he said they won't be doing them during any kind of potential severe weather.

During that test, they are also going to be checking the placement of the sirens, to make sure they are in a place that is the most beneficial for all residents of the city.

"If we find they're spaced too close together, then we'll space them out a little bit more," Cisneros said. "If they're too far away from each other, we'll space them in and we're trying to create a system that can be expandable, that we can expand upon in the future as money allows."

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