Zoning Board Denies Request for Home Hair Salon

Why Are Home Businesses Difficult to Open in Lakeridge?

LUBBOCK, TX - Thursday morning the Zoning Board of Adjustment denied Ronda Hendricks request for a variance that would allow her to use a spare room in her Lakeridge home as a hair salon. 

Hendricks said she had approval from her immediate surrounding neighbors but more than 50 people signed a petition against her request. Many of them made an appearance at the meeting and voiced their concerns to the board. 

"I am adamantly opposed to the zoning board granting an exception to allow a beauty salon at 9203 Vicksburg  in any fashion or with any restrictions," Jon Ann Carter said.  "It has nothing to do with Ronda as a person, I don't even know her and I am sure she is a lovely person, but my issues are based totally on maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood, which is gravely affected by the factors that I will mention: traffic, parking, safety, health and modifications to the structures, all of which will negatively  affect home values."

"Because businesses devalue a neighborhood," Patricia Wheeler said. "We purchased in an area where we were confident our home investment would not suffer from the presence of hair salons, nail salons and other businesses."

Many of Hendricks clients and friends who live in Lakeridge offered their support as well.

"Those of us who see Ronda on a monthly basis are PTA moms, Sunday School teachers, we are team moms, were also professional women in Lubbock," Risa Jones said. "So I don't think you'll have hardened criminals at Ronda's house and I think that the parking will be off the street  and I personally would like to see her exception granted." 

Ultimately the board unanimously sided against Hendricks request. 

"Do you, or any other of the city staff, know of any home business that this board has approved in this community?" Vaughn questioned.

"I am not aware of any," Director of Planning Drew Paxton replied. 

"As the board is familiar," Paxton explained. "These cases are handled on a case-by-case basis on their own merits. It is not setting a precedent and opening the door to  any home having a customary home occupation.

In November, another Lubbock woman asked the Zoning Board for a variance that would allow her to open a sober living home for 10 women. 

Neighbors in Lakeridge made several social media posts about the issue, as well as collected signatures on a petition and posted signs around the neighborhood asking residents to speak out against the request to the zoning board. 

Her case was never argued in front of the board. City officials said the woman withdrew her request and put the home on the market. 



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