19-Year-Old Accused in Violent Kidnapping Case Found Guilty

LUBBOCK, TX - A jury on Wednesday found Brittin Daniel Robinson, 19, of Lubbock guilty of aggravated kidnapping to facilitate another felony.

The other felony, in this case, was an allegation of sexual assault.  

Police were called in September of 2016 to the 4600 block of 47th Street.  A woman had texted someone to say, “Help me, hurry.  I am scared.  He took my phone.  He’s trying to kill me.” 

By the time police arrived, other people had broken down an apartment door and were holding Robinson down. Police tried to calm Robinson down just to get his side of the story, but they couldn’t.  Robinson was taken to jail.

Police were then told that Robinson held the woman in an apartment against her will.  Neighbors heard screaming for help. 

During trial, prosecutors said the victim was fighting for her life.  During the trial, it was said Robinson used a knife to threaten the victim.  The jury was told he dragged her by her hair to a bedroom and forced her into sexual activity.  

The prosecution said he strangled her, put her head under water and she thought she was going to die.  The defense said the victim went to a party after the incident. The defense also said there was a lack of photographic evidence.  

The defense also claimed that the victim did not call the police.

The jury was chosen on Monday and began hearing testimony on Tuesday.  The punishment phase of the trial begins Thursday.  Jail records indicated the charge against Robinson was a first-degree felony.  


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