2017 Energy and Agriculture Summit to be Held in Denver

LUBBOCK, TX (NEWS RELEASE) - The Ports-To-Plains Alliance announced today it will host the 2017 Energy and Agriculture Summit June 13-14 in Denver, Colorado.

Organizations and individuals focused on energy and agriculture will have an opportunity to learn more about these critical economic drivers through dynamic panel discussions, keynote speakers and industry networking events.

“The goal of the 2017 Energy and Agriculture Summit is to tell our economic story of energy and agriculture productivity,” explains Michael Reeves, president of the Ports-To-Plains Alliance. “The Summit will give industry leaders a platform to discuss pressing issues and learn how together, we can drive change.”

The two-day event will feature unique perspectives on a number of issues affecting the energy and agriculture Industries. Breakout sessions will cover topics, including:

  1. What the new presidential administration means for the economy and our diverse energy production portfolio
  2. The importance of renewable energy in Eastern Colorado, including findings focused on fossil fuels
  3. How pipeline infrastructure plays a critical role in delivering the energy that fuels our economy
  4. An in-depth look at the relationship with Canada, America’s largest customer
  5. How the energy industry affects the economy beyond the oil patch and is creating jobs in Denver
  6. A detailed look at Xcel Energy’s multibillion-dollar investment in 11 new wind farms across seven states
  7. An assessment of the economic impact on the West Texas economy due to the drop in oil and gas prices
  8. How rural communities can capitalize on opportunities from growth wind energy development
  9. How rural communities can also provide greater support to the agriculture economy
  10. The best way to communicate needs to state and federal decision-makers
  11. An in-depth look at the Farm Bill that most likely will take effect in 2018
  12. How to keep agriculture on the forefront
  13. A discussion on policy and issues and how they affect all businesses in our region
  14. Value-added opportunities for communities across the Ports-To-Plains Alliance region

The 2017 Energy and Agriculture Summit, which will be held at the Denver Airport Marriott at Gateway Park, offers a great opportunity to foster innovation, cooperation and success across the Ports-To-Plains region.

For a complete rundown of events and information on lodging and sponsorships, please visit our website at
PortsToPlains.com or contact Michael Reeves at (806) 775-2338. 

(News release from the Ports-To-Plains Alliance)

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