61 Households Moved from Homelessness to Permanent Housing in 100-Days

LUBBOCK, TX (NEWS RELEASE) - The following is a news release from the South Plains Homeless Consortium:

The South Plains Homeless Consortium announced the results of their 100-Day Challenge to improve Lubbock's Homeless Response System. On September 23, 2017, local homeless service agencies set the ambitious goal of moving 45 households experiencing homelessness into permanent housing by December 31, 2017. Today, they announced that they had surpassed their goal, housing 61 households in the 100-day period.

“Every single person we can help move from homelessness into housing is a success,” says Chad Wheeler, SPHC President. “To see so many people housed in such a short time is remarkable. This is a proud moment for all of us and for Lubbock.”

While the 100-Day Challenge is complete, SPHC and its member agencies say they are committed to doing even more. "What we’ve seen through the 100-Day challenge is that quickly moving people from homelessness into permanent housing is an achievable goal,” says Mr. Wheeler. “It has given us a picture of what we can do, and we’re excited to continue building on this progress.”

(News release from the  South Plains Homeless Consortium)

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