A Closer Look: Who Is The Man Shot in Lubbock Police SWAT Standoff

LUBBOCK, TX - Police said officers took Rodney Breeden, 50, of Lubbock into custody for aggravated assault on a peace officer.  Police said Breeden shot at LPD officers several times Tuesday during a SWAT team standoff in the 1100 block of East Quinn Street.  

Eventually officers returned fire.  No officers were hurt. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens said Breeden would first be taken to University Medical Center for treatment of gunshot wounds.  He would then be transferred to the Lubbock County Detention Center.

Breeden was not yet listed in jail records at the time of this story. 

Police said Breeden was also suspected of shooting at a garbage truck Tuesday morning.  That’s what led to the SWAT standoff. 

The driver of the truck was not hit by the bullet, police said, but the truck window was smashed and the driver suffered minor injuries.  

At 9:08 a.m. Tuesday, Breeden publicly posted to Facebook saying, “How do you trun [sic] on live live camera?” 

Police said shots were fired at the garbage truck at about 9:40 a.m. 

Several people responded to Breeden’s question after the SWAT standoff began.

One person wrote to Breeden on Facebook, “So many people love you Rodney Breeden. We are all here for you. Please message us or call.”

During the SWAT standoff several people commented on his page that people were praying for him. 

Breeden’s Facebook page described him as self-employed. 

In August a local trucking company sued Breeden claiming that he was hired to repair a truck, but instead caused more damage.  The lawsuit claimed $10,000 in damages.

Breeden hired a lawyer who responded in court records by denying the allegations.  The lawsuit was still pending Tuesday. 

In 2010, Breeden was the subject of an agreed mutual restraining order.  

A woman claimed in court records, “Rodney pulled out a gun, loaded it and put it to my chest and threated to kill himself, me, [another family member] and his dog.”

No criminal charges were listed for the incident in Lubbock County online court records.

A search of criminal records statewide also did not show any previous charges.

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