Attempted "Suicide by Cop" Lubbock Police Said of Tuesday Standoff

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens released additional information Wednesday morning concerning a SWAT standoff in the 1100 block of East Quinn Street.  

Rodney Breeden was taken into police custody Tuesday afternoon.  Police said he fired many shots at Lubbock Police officers.  He was also accused of shooting at a garbage truck which caused minor injuries for the driver of the truck.  

At the conclusion of the SWAT standoff, officers returned fire on Breeden striking him multiple times.  He then surrendered.  

Police said Breeden was first brought to University Medical Center for treatment of gunshot wounds. He would then be transferred to the Lubbock County Detention Center.  

The police chief identified the trash truck driver as Juan Rivera, 32.  

Chief Stevens also used the phrase “suicide by cop” to describe Breeden’s behavior during the standoff.

“His intention for the day was to force us to take his life,” Stevens said. “Our overall job is to save lives.”

“Mr. Breeden was going to make a big production out of this,” Stevens said.  He didn’t go into detail but was able to observe a public post on Breeden’s Facebook page.  He was asking on Facebook how to turn on a camera for a live feed.

Reporters asked Steven questions after his statement.  In response to those questions, Stevens said Breeden wanted to live stream his standoff with police.

Two officers were put on paid leave after they returned fire on Breeden, which is standard protocol.  Stevens also convened a firearms review board to investigate the LPD’s handling of the SWAT standoff.  

Stevens said 13 shots were fired at Breeden during the last moments of the SWAT standoff.  He said was it was not yet clear how many of those shots actually hit Breeden.

Stevens said Breeden was in critical condition Wednesday morning. 

Stevens praised officers for not returning fire until they absolutely had to.  The shooting of the trash truck was about 9:40 am.  Police were then on the scene a few minutes after that.  Breeden was taken into custody at about 1:50 pm.  

Use the video link below to hear more from Stevens.

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CLICK HERE for the video of Stevens. 


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