Attorney for Ex-City Attorney Upset By Improper Release of Indictment

Published 06/19 2014 05:43PM

Updated 06/19 2014 06:00PM

Rod Hobson, at City Hall, January 13, 2014
Rod Hobson, at City Hall, January 13, 2014
LUBBOCK, TX -- The attorney for former City Attorney Sam Medina issued the following statement questioning the legality of releasing information about an an indictment of Medina: 

I understand that the news media is reporting that retired judge and city attorney, Sam Medina, has been indicted by a Lubbock County grand jury. Apparently some of the media have a copy of the indictment.  As the lawyer for Sam Medina I have not yet seen the paperwork. As usual at least in this case, the media has information before the actual participants. We will actively pursue how the media acquired the information on a sealed, unserved warrant when the supposedly policy (based on the law) is that no one receives this information until the warrant is served except law-enforcement, but that is a matter for a different day.

The grand jury, while thought of as an important safeguard against government overreaching, is instead a one-sided, secret process. At the grand jury a defendant is not even allowed to have their attorney present in the grand jury room nor can the defendant’s attorney cross-examine any witnesses. Nonetheless, this long drawn out process is heading to a conclusion. At long last, we will be able to learn what basis, if any, the prosecutors and police have to support what we believe are baseless and false accusations. We remain confident that when all the dust settles, Sam Medina will be found not guilty by a jury who will hear all of the evidence. We anticipate and look forward to the opportunity to confront these malicious accusations and the accuser in an open and public forum.

Rod Hobson

Attorney for Sam Medina

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