Baby Found in Vehicle at Lubbock Bar, Mom Was Arrested the Night Before

LUBBOCK, TX - A grand jury on Tuesday indicted Celestine Delgado, 21, of Lubbock for abandonment or neglect of a child.  Court records said police were called to Mateo’s Bar in the 700 block of North Interstate 27.  A child was found in a vehicle on September 25.   

Court records said police arrested Delgado the night before at the bar after a fight.  

Court records said, “[the suspect] never informed officers [the victim] was in the back seat of the listed vehicle.”

Police believe the child was left alone in the vehicle for the overnight hours and part of the day.  A police report included with court records indicated the child might have been locked in the vehicle for more than 12 hours.  

The police report said Delgado called a family member to check on her children including the baby who was left in the vehicle.  But a bar employee found the child before the family member did.  

A police report said the little girl was in good spirits after being rescued and getting a diaper change.  Police called Children’s Protective Services to investigate. 

In early October Delgado was the subject of an arrest warrant for what happened to the baby girl.  She was able to post bond to get out of jail. Her jail booking sheet indicated the charge was a state jail felony. As such, the maximum penalty would be two years if she is convicted. 

SPECIAL NOTE: The original version of this report listed the date of the incident based on the date printed on the indictment (and the arrest warrant).  However, the date on the indictment appears to be a misprint. We confirmed with police that the correct date is September 25.


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