Back to School Road Safety

Published 08/24 2014 10:10PM

Updated 08/24 2014 10:21PM

LUBBOCK, TX— As a majority of schools around the Hub City start school this week, motorists are being cautioned to slow down and pay attention to school zones and bus stops.

Dianah Ascencio from Texas Department of Transportation said the beginning of the school year is when it is the most dangerous for kids on the roadways.

“It’s the beginning of the school year and kids are running around because they are excited,” Ascencio said. “They may not be paying attention, so that’s where we really need the help of the drivers.”

Jolie Haines, Safety Supervisor of Durham School Buses, said the most dangerous time for kids is during loading and unloading.

Haines also said that when a school bus is loading and unloading and the lights are flashing or a stop sign is up, drivers must stop their vehicles. If a driver fails to do so, or passes a school bus illegally, they could pay up to $1200 in fines.

Drivers can also face fines for talking on their cell phones. “They can actually be fined up to $200 while using their phone in a school zone that has been signed,” Ascencio said.

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