City Considers Changes to Major Intersection for Gateway Entrance to Downtown Lubbock

Published 07/16 2014 10:20AM

Updated 07/16 2014 10:25AM

Public domain image by Scott W. Lang
Public domain image by Scott W. Lang
LUBBOCK, TX -- The City of Lubbock has plans to create a gateway entrance into downtown Lubbock by making changes to Glenna Goodacre Boulevard at Avenue Q.  Currently the boulevard runs from University to Avenue Q. 

The leading proposal would have Glenna Goodacre Boulevard extend further east to the Civic Center.  One variation of the idea is to take nearby 7th Street out of operation, and another idea is to leave 7th as a one-way westbound street from Avenue O. to Avenue Q. 

“The Downtown Redevelopment Committee has looked at it and they feel like that would be their gateway,” said Keith Smith, Director of Public Works for the City of Lubbock.  It would become one of several downtown gateways. 

The proposal still needs approval by the downtown Tax Increment Finance board and the City of Lubbock.  Officials said $750,000 has been set aside for the project which would come from the TIF instead of the city’s general fund. 

Part of the proposal is to rearrange the location of stop lights along Avenue Q.  One possibility is to move a stop light from 10th to Glenna Goodacre.  But other changes are also possible.

“There might be fewer stop lights when it changes,” said Neil Welch, City Engineer. 

The process has been slow.  Welch said ideally the project should have been done six months ago.  But fixing problems with the nearby storm drainage slowed things up.  Also taking into consideration recent suggestions by District 1 City Councilman Victor Hernandez will take time.  Welch said the Councilman provided good ideas but they will take time.   

“We need everyone to buy in,” Welch said.  

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