City Looking to Study Aquifers to Conserve and Recycle Water

Published 03/09 2014 03:39PM

Updated 03/09 2014 10:31PM

LUBBOCK, TX -- The City of Lubbock wants to conduct an aquifer storage and recovery system study to improve its water supply system. The city is inviting consultants to offer their services to look at three specific issues.

The first is to see if there is a way for the city’s water reservoirs near its treatment plants can be changed from above ground to underground. The current reservoirs lose water to evaporation.

The second issue is to study water transmission bottlenecks and look for ways to reduce or eliminate them.

The third issue is to create a buffer between “reclaimed” water and drinkable water underground. The city wants to put “reclaimed” water into the underground water supply as a way of letting nature clean it and recycle it. But reclaimed water, if not properly handled, could contaminate water that’s already underground.

No specific budget has been listed for the study. Those wishing to do the work have until April 3 to submit a proposal.

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