City Pursuing Demolition of Omni Building, Although Not Done Deal

Published 07/13 2014 04:54PM

Updated 07/13 2014 05:04PM

Omni Building, 1208 14th Street, Lubbock
Omni Building, 1208 14th Street, Lubbock
LUBBOCK, TX -- The City of Lubbock has gone out for bids to demolish the Omni high-rise building in downtown.  The City Council last week approved a 90-day option to purchase the building for $1.25 million.  Mayor Glen Robertson said Sunday that demolition is not a foregone conclusion, but the city wants to know how much it would cost to tear down the 11-story building at 14th Street and Avenue K.  

“What we really need to do is find out how much it’s going to cost to demo it,” Robertson said.  “Is the building structurally sound?  If so, what would it cost to repurpose it for the police department?”

“We don’t think the building would really work,” Robertson said.  But he also maybe it would work, and maybe Lubbock would have a police department atop a downtown high-rise.

“By entering into the contract we have every one of our options open,” Robertson said.  For example, “We could have a third party, private money, take our position in the contract.”

Contractors that have an interest in demolishing the building are invited to an on-site visit Wednesday morning at 10:00 am.  (RSVP is required 24 hours in advance by calling 806-775-2572.)

“We don’t even know if it’s structurally sound,” Robertson said.  “If it’s sound we could get cost estimates on what it would take to renovate it.”

In addition to the 11-story tower, there is a two-story annex with a full basement, an 80-space parking lot, and a 5-story 418 space parking garage.  There is 162,120 square feet of office space according to public records.  The building has been in disuse after a fire in 2011 possibly set for the purpose of hiding evidence that someone broke into the building to strip the inside of copper wiring. 

Companies wishing to bid on the demolition have a July 24 deadline to submit a bid.

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