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City-Wide Cleanup Day, Operation: Serve 2018 scheduled for June 30 in Plainview

PLAINVIEW, Texas (NEWS RELEASE) - The following is a news release from the City of Plainview:
The 4th Annual City-Wide Cleanup Day in cooperation with Operation: Serve will be held on Saturday, June 30th from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Operation: Serve is the 7th annual collaborative effort of the First United Methodist Church and other churches/organizations in Plainview, which recruits volunteers to serve in the community. The goal of this day is to supply holistic opportunities in which every church, organization, and age group (3 and up), can utilize individual gifts/skills to personally aid in the development of the community.

Opportunities range from baking/cooking, sewing, and visiting assisted living centers, to yard work, house clean-up, small maintenance repairs, and other odd jobs that citizens in Plainview may not be able to physically or financially complete. Volunteers spend the day working these various projects and are encouraged to utilize this experience as a “spring board” for continual involvement in the community. (As well, arrangements are in place to return if the work is not completed that day.)

Volunteers will meet at First United Methodist Church (1001 W. 7th Street) at 8:00 am for breakfast and to receive instructions about their job duties. All volunteer jobs will begin by 9 a.m. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all volunteers participating in the event.

Also, the City of Plainview will provide large roll-off containers for dumping and encourage all citizens to take the opportunity to clean up their own property. Locations include Broadway Park (101 SE 1st Street) and First United Methodist Church (1001 W. 7th Street). 

Items that will be allowed at the drop-off include: Furniture, Small Appliances, Household Items, Trash/Debris, Tree Limbs/Grass Clippings, and Electronics (no batteries) including TVs, microwaves, computers and other items considered as E-Waste.

No commercial dumping will be allowed and drop-off sites will NOT accept flammable, corrosive, toxic, explosive or hazardous materials, oil, items containing Freon, batteries, roofing & fencing materials, liquids such as paint, air conditioners, large appliances and pesticide containers unless they are triple rinsed and holes punched in them.

Main organizers of the event include First United Methodist Church and the City of Plainview.

For any questions regarding the City-Wide Clean-Up Day, please contact Melinda Brown 296-1119 or mbrown@plainviewtx.org.

To suggest a project or to volunteer, please call Scott Keener at 806.293.3658, email him at opserveplainview@gmail.com or follow on Facebook/Operation: Serve.

(News release from the City of Plainview)

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