Council Members Propose "Fair" Stormwater Rate System

Published 07/31 2014 10:56PM

Updated 07/31 2014 11:14PM

By Anna Wiernicki

LUBBOCK, TX—Thursday’s City Council workshop caused a lot of frustration. The workshop focused primarily on the stormwater rate system. City council members proposed an entirely new system that would make it fair for both residential and commercial rates, but Mayor Robertson thinks the plan is too unrealistic with the approaching deadline.

Currently, the stormwater system charges all residents a flat fee of $14 a month per meter. Under the new system presented today, residential and commercial rates would be broken up. Homeowners of smaller residences would pay $8.80 per month and larger residences would pay $25.58 per month. And businesses would pay $25.58 per 5,700 square feet of impervious space.

“But with the impervious surface system that we are trying to get implemented, what that does is it makes it more equitable across the board,” Councilwoman Karen Gibson said. “So what's been happening is that the residential side has been carrying the commercial side, and what we are trying to do is spread that more equally and more equitably across both sides.”

Mayor Robertson agrees that the current system is unfair to small businesses and residents, but with the October 1st deadline approaching, thinks that changing the system entirely is unlikely.

“What they wanted to do was change the whole structure, we're not going to be able to do that by October 1st,” Mayor Robertson said. Instead, he thinks a more reasonable alternative route is to raise the flat rate by two dollars. The City Council will vote on the budget in September.

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