Court Records Reveal Details of Lubbock Game Room Bust at Three Locations

LUBBOCK, TX - Newly released court records provide details of an arrest for money laundering and promotion of gambling on March 27.  Police arrested Panayiotis “Pete” George Procopi, 52, of Lubbock and seized a long list of property from him and from three other people. 

Court records did not list current criminal charges against the other three as of Monday.

Court records said Procopi operates illegal game rooms at 2109 50th Street, 407 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and 722 Farm to Market Road 1585.  Police believe Procopi might also operate three illegal game rooms in Amarillo. 

Police and prosecutors filed several court documents seeking permission from a judge to permanently keep the money and property that was seized by officers on March 27.  Records were filed Friday and were shown Monday on a daily docket list.

Prior to the arrest, police obtained a search warrant including permission to put a tracking device on Procopi’s vehicle – a 2009 Crown Victoria.

Court records said, “Procopi has never driven his vehicle to a place of legal and gainful employment.”

Court records said police used a confidential informant to go undercover and get evidence that 8-liner machines inside Procopi’s business were acting as illegal gambling devices.

On March 27, during a raid of Procopi’s three Lubbock businesses, police confiscated $19,340 cash from one man, $2,069 from another, and $10,516 from Procopi. 

Police confiscated $4,279 cash from the game room on MLK, $3,614 cash from the game room on 50th Street, and $2,323 cash from the game room on FM 1585.

From one of the men, police took a 2016 Lexus ES-350 worth an estimated $35,000. 

Procopi posted bond of $3,500 to get out of jail the day after his arrest. The two charges against him were listed in a police report as class A misdemeanors.  


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