Crosbyton Police Chief Denies Stalking, Abuse Claim

Published 03/14 2014 01:50PM

Updated 03/14 2014 10:55PM

By James Clark

CROSBYTON, TX -- has acquired a copy of a complaint that may have contributed to Crosbyton Police Chief Greg Parrott being placed on administrative as of March 5.

This week Parrott said he was aware of three complaints against him in recent months, and he felt like he had been cleared. However, a fourth complaint was filed and Parrott said he was not told what he was accused of.

One of the three complaints came from Dana Ames, a woman who dated Parrott and broke up with him last year. Ames is a law enforcement officer in another community.

Ames wrote to the City Administrator, Margot Hardin, in January to accuse Parrott of “harassment, stalking, official oppression, coercion of a public servant, abuse of office, and abuse of official capacity.”

Ames’ letter to Hardin said “I showed you a text message Chief Parrott sent to me threatening to show up to my employer … if I did not take his calls or call him back.”

Ames also claimed that Parrott made a sexually inappropriate comment.

“Ms. Ames has a reputation for making false reports,” Parrott said by phone on Friday. “This is retaliation for a criminal charge that I’m in the process of filing against her former husband.”

Ames also wrote to Hardin, “I informed you, and showed you the unwanted text messages I received by friends and fellow officers at the request of Chief Parrott.”

Parrott said, “I’ve offered to surrender my phone, and computer - offered to take a polygraph regarding these allegations when they were first filed. I was told by the mayor that none of that would be necessary. ”

Parrott also denied threatening her job.

As for the fourth complaint Parrott said Friday it is still a mystery. He said he has not been told what it might be.

Parrott’s job status will be decided by the Crosbyton City Council which meets Tuesday evening.

After answering questions by phone Parrott issued the following statement:

I was involved in an intimate relationship with Ms Ames. By mutual agreement, we decided to end communications October/November of 2013. It was only when Ms Ames learned that I was considering pursuing charges against her on again-off again ex-husband for internet harassment, that she made these ridiculous claims. I am willing to produce all phone records, email records or anything else that any investigative party would request. As far as the criminal offenses falsely alleged, Ms Ames is very familiar with the criminal justice system, and has many resources available to pursue those criminal charges. The reason she did not bring these matters to the attention of the courts, is because they are false. I look forward to presenting a totally transparent view to the members of Crosbyton City Council Tuesday night.

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