Deadly Wrong Way Crash, Driver Had Blood Alcohol of 0.232, Warrant Said

LUBBOCK, TX - A Lubbock grand jury indicted Alexander May, 26, of Midland Tuesday afternoon.  May was charged with manslaughter for the August 3 death of Jonathan Pesqueda.  Court records said May was driving the wrong way on South Loop 289 when his pickup truck hit Pesqueda’s car head-on.  

An arrest warrant said May and his passenger, Cody James, were drinking alcohol at Nick’s Sports Bar and Grill hours before the crash.  It said they then went to Crickets on Broadway and drank more alcohol.

Police also talked to the manager of the The Local Bar, which is near Crickets, according to the warrant. 

The warrant said, “[The manager] advised May’s lawyer hired an investigator and asked him for information too. The manager advised he did not have anything for May, but had a receipt for someone May’s lawyer advised was with May on the night of the collision.”

An attorney for The Local Bar said the receipt did not show May and James were there, but instead police were investigating someone who was rumored to be with them.  The Local Bar described this other person as an “unrelated third party.” 

The arrest warrant also said officers found a baggie of white powder in May’s truck. It tested positive for cocaine according to the warrant.

According to court records, video from a nearby church and video from the Science Spectrum showed May’s truck driving on the wrong side of the road on the South Loop.

The arrest warrant said May’s blood alcohol level was 0.232.  The legal limit to drive in Texas is 0.08.  

The warrant said, based on video evidence, May was driving 88.74 miles per hour when passing near the Science Spectrum which is less than 7-tenths of a mile from the crash site.  

The warrant said a road crew was working overnight in the area.  An eyewitness from the work crew said May’s truck was going about 90 miles per hour in the wrong lane of travel.  The eyewitness said the truck nearly hit another car head-on before the crash with Pesqueda’s car. 

The warrant concluded that May was speeding and driving in the wrong lane of travel which ultimately led to the death of Pesqueda.

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The indictment said, “[Alexander May] did then and there recklessly … cause the death of [Jonathan Pesqueda]…”

The indictment said May was “failing to control speed, and failing to yield the right of way, and travelling west-bound in east-bound lanes on a roadway, and operating said vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and failing to keep a proper lookout, and failing to apply brakes in a timely manner, and failing to properly maneuver said motor vehicle to avoid a collision…”

Nick’s chose not to comment. also invited Crickets to comment.

CORRECTION: This story is updated to reflect the names of businesses where May and James were reported to have been drinking before the crash. 

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