Death Row Jesus Campaign Released in Lubbock

Published 08/31 2014 01:19PM

Updated 09/02 2014 01:00PM

LUBBOCK, TX -- The same man who created the Jesus Tattoo advertising campaign in Lubbock released a follow-up campaign last week called Death Row Jesus.  The moral of the campaign is that Jesus took the penalty for everyone’s sins. 
The first such campaign was controversial, and it was not allowed to be shown as an advertisement at Lubbock ISD football games. 
“Our mission is to utilize modern-day parables to illustrate the greatest love story in the history of the world and to do so using contemporary marketing strategies to impact those who may never be reached by more traditional methods,” said David L. Miller, founder of Little Pencil Ministries.
The Death Row Jesus video is graphic – showing Jesus being violently beaten by two corrections officers.  Jesus is then portrayed as bloody, beaten and hanging from a cross.  Jesus is portrayed as the worst criminal in the world because he took on everyone else’s crimes. 

Click the video link to see an extended portion of our interview with David L. Miller.

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