Drought Retreats From Much of Texas, South Plains

Published 06/12 2014 11:42AM

Updated 06/12 2014 11:46AM

Drought Monitor from droughtmonitor.unl.edu
Drought Monitor from droughtmonitor.unl.edu
LUBBOCK, TX -- In three week’s time the ongoing drought in West Texas retreated considerably. The newest Drought Monitor from the USDA and other federal agencies showed 6.68 percent of Texas was in “exceptional” drought – which is the worst category. Back on May 20, it was 25.05 percent of Texas in exceptional drought.

Lubbock and virtually all of the northern half of the South Plains had been in exceptional drought until recent rains. Over the last three weeks Lubbock County had improved so that it was on the border between “severe” and “extreme” drought.

At the time of the May 20 Drought Monitor Lubbock had only recorded 0.90 inches of rain for all of 2014. As of the June 12 Drought Monitor the National Weather Service recorded 7.30 inches of rain for Lubbock in 2014. The normal for this time of year would be 7.43 inches.

But while the 2014 rainfall totals were almost up to normal, Lubbock started the year more than 30 inches below normal since the start of the current drought in October of 2010.

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