Frenship Tax Ratification Proposition, & Other Election Results

LUBBOCK, TX - Voters in the Frenship ISD approved a tax ratification question on the ballot Tuesday.  The proposition will shift two cents per hundred of property tax from the district’s sinking fund to its maintenance and operations fund. 

With all 37 vote centers reporting (plus early voting) the vote was 73.22 percent to 26.78 percent in favor. 

Due to changes in state funding, the proposition allows the district to generate $1.2 million more in revenue without raising local property taxes. 

Statewide, voters had seven propositions on the ballot to change the Texas Constitution. CLICK HERE for statewide results. 

These are the unofficial final results for Lubbock County. 

Prop 1 Broadens scope of homestead ad valorem tax exemption for disabled veteran or spouse 

Lubbock County For 90.51% 
Lubbock County Against 9.49% 

Prop 2 Prescribes conditions, fees, refinancing options, and eligibility for home equity loans

Lubbock County For 77.58%
Lubbock County Against 22.42%

Prop 3 Limits the service of certain gubernatorial appointees after expiration of term

Lubbock County For 88.46%
Lubbock County Against 11.54%

Prop 4 Relates to notice requirements to Attorney General regarding challenge to constitutionality

Lubbock County For 74.30%
Lubbock County Against 25.70%

Prop 5 Permits additional professional sports team charitable foundations to conduct raffles

Lubbock County For 60.49%
Lubbock County Against 39.51%

Prop 6 Provides homestead exemption for deceased (line of duty) first responder's surviving spouse

Lubbock County For 89.40%
Lubbock County Against 10.60%

Prop 7 Permits financial institutions to award random prizes to customers to encourage saving

Lubbock County For 59.90%
Lubbock County Against 40.10%


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