Emotional Outburst After Verdict in Booker Trial

LUBBOCK, TX - The same Lubbock jury that found Jordan Booker, 27, guilty of aggravated robbery this week also decided his fate.  Early Thursday evening the jury sentenced Booker to 40 years in prison.

Booker was arrested in November of 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It was two days after police concluded he robbed three Lubbock businesses all in one day.

The prosecution told the jury, “We showed you evidence of seven aggravated robberies that we believe Jordan Booker did.”

They were listed as Kaleidoscoops, Savers, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, Valero, Movies 16, and Denny’s Restaurant.

The defense attorney, Jeff Nicholson, told the jury, “Jordan does need to be punished for this crime, he does.” 

Nicholson quoted one witness as saying, “Don’t over-punish this man.”

Nicholson also said, “Ten years for a kid his age is an eternity, and that’s long enough.”

The prosecutions said 10 years would not be enough because Booker pointed a gun at people and he was willing to risk people’s lives.

The jury was also told that Booker was previously convicted in New Mexico for the crime of firing a gun from a car. 
After the verdict, a member of Booker’s family rushed out of the courtroom and screamed, “He didn’t kill nobody!  He didn’t hurt nobody!  He has five kids!”

A woman was escorted away from the courtroom by Lubbock County Sheriff’s Deputies.  She could be heard screaming even after the elevator went from the third floor down to the first.

“I was hoping for something lesser,” Nicholson said after the verdict.  “They [the jurors] were out a long time and they took a look at a lot of stuff, so I’m not going to quarrel with their decision.”


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