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Family Hopes Levelland Murder Motive Was Not "Something So Small"

LEVELLAND, TX - Levelland Police did not reveal the motive for a Sunday night shooting that later led to the death of Matthew Ryan Sanchez. However, a neighbor said there was a history of yelling, fighting and “ruckus” at the home where Sanchez was shot.

His roommates, Paul Cruz, 20, and Canyon Brent Faull, 19, were originally arrested for aggravated assault. Those charges were upgraded to murder after Sanchez died Monday at a Lubbock hospital.  

Cruz and Faull were held in the Hockley County Jail as of Thursday. 

“We had info from prior cases,” Police Chief Albert Garcia said. “We’ve had a few calls over there in the past for domestic-type situations between roommates.”

Garcia said domestic violence is not just husband and wife scenarios. It would include a situation like this.  

“We know he was shot multiple times,” Garcia said.  “As far as motive. we of course can’t divulge too much info because this is an ongoing investigation.  We have a lot of work to get done.”

“You really don’t know what to think,” said Sanchez’s sister Claire Sanchez. “It’s very surreal.”

“We’re just trying to leave it in God’s hands and just leave it one step at a time,” Claire said. “I found a notebook that my brother wrote that on the front page.”

“[We are] trying to listen to his words - take one step at a time for him,” she said. 

“He was very helpful,” Claire said. “He was always willing to work.”

“Whatever reason,” she said, “we’re hoping it wasn't for something so small.” 

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