Fireworks Explosion - an Unfortunate Warning

Published 07/03 2014 11:05PM

Updated 07/03 2014 11:24PM

By Jason Puckett

LUBBOCK,TX--- An explosion Thursday morning killed one man and sent three others to the hospital. Local Fireworks experts say that while it's a terrible accident, it should serve as a warning to other fireworks users.

The blast occurred at a high-school in Comanche, Texas. Police say a crew had been preparing the launch tubes for a fireworks show Friday night when something caused the trailer filled with the pyrotechnics to explode.

The cause of the blast is unknown, but local fireworks vendor Jinks White says it's a brutal reminder of what they are dealing with. 

"It's a very, very unfortunate accident," He said, "But it speaks to the hazards of what we're dealing with."

He said that while they may look beautiful, fireworks can be very dangerous.

"That's why it takes training." He said. "That's why the people who do the big shows are professionals. They're usually very well paid because it is a dangerous profession."

And it's something Pyrotechnics Operator Jeremy Ross knows well.

"We take real precautions." He said. "Some of this is pressure sensitive. Static electricity effects everything. Ya know a lightning storm shows up-we cover everything up and put everything up and walk away until the storm passes."

Ross has been running the Gandy's Fireworks Extravaganza for 22-years. He didn't want to comment on the Comanche incident directly but said that they do everything possible to make sure nothing happens during shows in Lubbock.

"We shut the truck door so nothing else can get in the truck and set anything else off." He said. "We all wear cotton clothes to cut down on static electricity."

And he says that the precautions professionals take should extend to home users as well.

"Use some common sense." He said. "Whether you're at a show or you're buying fireworks at a fireworks stand-Ya gotta use some common sense...cause they can hurt you just as bad."

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