Former Boys & Girls Club Employee Convicted of Sexual Abuse

LUBBOCK, TX - Charles Chavez, 29, was convicted by a jury Thursday morning for continuous sexual abuse of a child.  Chavez was an employee of the Boys and Girls Club in the summer of 2014 when allegations first came to light.

A police report said children were spending overnights at Chavez' home.  Initially, the police report listed three children.  Later, police and prosecutors identified a fourth child.

On Wednesday, Chavez took the stand in his own defense.  He claimed he had been sold, tortured, and sexually abused as a 5-year-old.

In closing arguments, the defense said it was important to recognize that Chavez was a victim. 

The prosecutors told the jury Thursday, “The law says there is no circumstance that you get to use a 6-year-old, or an 8-year-old kid for sexual gratification.”

The prosecution also said, “Find Charles Chavez guilty for the offenses he committed.”

A sentencing date was not immediately disclosed.  Chavez faces up to life in prison.


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