Former City Attorney In and Out of Jail after Thursday's Indictment

Published 06/20 2014 06:16PM

Updated 06/20 2014 09:00PM

 By Jason Puckett

LUBBOCK,TX -- Former Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina turned himself into the Lubbock County Detention Center Friday afternoon after being indicted by a grand jury Thursday. The indictment listed 10 counts of sexual assault against Medina.  In each count he is accused of assaulting his estranged daughter-in-law Angelina. does not normally list the names of sexual assault victims. In this instance, her name was made public in a news conference by then-City Attorney Sam Medina.  She has also made public statements in her own name through her attorney.

Medina's son, Erik, was also indicted on seven counts of practicing medicine without a license.  Medina spent very little time in the jail - staying just long enough to be booked in, post bond and then be released.  

Medina was allowed to have his attorney post 10 percent of his $30,000 bond in order to be released from the jail. 

A brief timeline of the Medina story so far:

January 2014- Sam Medina asks to be put on paid leave from his role as the Lubbock City Attorney amid allegations that he sexually assaulted his estranged daughter-in-law.

February 2014 - Divorce proceedings between Erik and Angelina Medina end in a mistrial. The divorce is still not final. 

March 2014- Sam Medina resigns from his job. 
-His son, Erik Medina is accused of domestic violence/assault with Angelina listed in official records as the victim.

-While searching the Medina household, investigators find multiple illegal prescriptions written by Erik who had been doctor but lost his license.

June 2014- A Grand Jury indicts Sam Medina on 10 counts of sexual assault. 
-A Grand Jury indicts Erik Medina on seven counts of practicing medicine without a license. 

-Angelina Medina and Sam's wife, Velma Medina, are both charged on misdemeanor possession of a dangerous drug for their involvement with Erik's unauthorized prescriptions.

Sam Medina's indictment listed 10 counts of sexual assault, and the indictment used language describing how he, "intentionally or knowingly cause(d) penetration of Angelina Medina." The indictment alleges that all 10 counts were done without the consent of Angelina.

In a press-release Thursday, Sam Medina's Attorney, Rod Hobson wrote that "The grand jury, while thought of as an important safeguard against government overreaching, is instead a one-sided, secret process."

Hobson defended Medina saying, "We remain confident that when all the dust settles, Sam Medina will be found not guilty by a jury who will hear all the evidence. We anticipate and look forward to the opportunity to confront these malicious accusations and the accuser in an open and public forum."

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