Former Tech Football Player Sues ULofts

LUBBOCK, TX - Linda Fehoko, on behalf of Vili-Andrew “V.J.” Fehoko, filed a lawsuit against ULofts Lubbock on Thursday.  

The lawsuit claims Vili Fehoko and his roommate both reported no heat in their apartment on January 15, 2016.  The lawsuit also said there was no hot water for the apartment. 

“On January 31, 2016, after two weeks without heat, Vili Fehoko abandoned the leased premises,” the lawsuit said.  

The lawsuit said not only did Fehoko have the legal right to do so, but he also “confirmed with … the on-premises representative for ULoft that he did not owe any money upon vacating the property.”

An email from the property manager was included with the lawsuit.  

The email said, “Yes, I told you that Vili did not owe a balance at check-out.”

According to the lawsuit, “ULoft has charged the remaining rent and added fees to Vili Fehoko’s account and turned his name and information over to a collection agency.”

“These actions by ULoft have clouded Vili Fehoko’s credit and have interfered with his ability to lease other properties. These actions are in violation of Texas law and the Lease,” the lawsuit said. 

The lawsuit sought unspecified money damages.  The lawsuit was filed in a category that seeks less than $100,000.  

Linda Fehoko has power of attorney for Vili “V.J”. Fehoko (at least for this issue).  Breiden Fehoko, and Sam Fehoko were also Texas Tech football players.  

A message was left with ULofts to invite comment. 


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