Fox College Sports to Air Story Behind the TeamLuke Foundation with Tim Siegel

LUBBOCK, TX (NEWS RELEASE) - This Friday Fox College Sports channels will air a recently produced documentary chronicling the Tim Siegel family before and after the tragic golf cart accident that left nine-year-old Luke Siegel with severe brain damage.

The immediate shock of Luke’s injury left his father Tim, who recently retired as Texas Tech University’s Tennis coach, emotionally drained and directionless, but not for long.

Tim has now channeled his competitive energy toward the recently formed TeamLuke Foundation. It's purpose… raising funds to assist other families that have a child suffering from a traumatic anoxic brain injury.

Check your local Fox College Sports listing for this Friday’s airing of this very special documentary. In Lubbock, it will air immediately after the TTU/KU baseball game.

(News release from Apple Pie PR)

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