Heartbeat 8/3/2014: Overcoming Disability to Breast Feed

Published 08/04 2014 12:53AM

Updated 08/04 2014 01:06AM

LUBBOCK, TX -- In 2003, a boat accident left Melinda Spurgeon with little to no use of her left arm. Years later she was pregnant.

"I knew going into being pregnant that there were going to be a lot of obstacles as far as breast feeding,” Spurgeon said.  “I realized how important it was for my son's health, and how it can delay and reduce the risks of him developing allergies and asthma.”

Spurgeon would not have to face the task alone.  With help from the staff at Covenant, she was able to figure out how she could breastfeed Keyton with just one arm.  One of her consultants was Becky Meador.

“She’s such an inspiration to other mothers,” Meador said.  “They can learn from her story that you can make it through those struggles.”

“I did know that breastfeeding was going to be an issue, mostly as far as positioning goes,” Spurgeon said.  "I think the first two times that I came I cried just out of frustration and lack of sleep.  And they were really there and encouraging.”

Spurgeon also said, “Don’t give up because it’s tough, but it’s definitely worth it.”

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