Kendall Jones Makes Public Appearance in Houston

Published 08/03 2014 02:05PM

Updated 08/03 2014 02:15PM

Image of Kendall Jones from TTHA Facebook page
Image of Kendall Jones from TTHA Facebook page
HOUSTON, TX -- The Texas Tech cheerleader who caused a national controversy recently made an appearance in Houston at the Texas Trophy Hunters Association Hunting Extravaganza at NRG Park.  Kendall Jones of Cleburne did not grant media interviews.  She did pose with supporters who were attending the event Saturday and Sunday.

“So many cute little girls showing me their hunting pics,” Jones wrote on her Facebook page next to one picture.  And next to another she wrote, “It was truly amazing to meet all of my supporters.”

Jones posted Facebook pictures this summer showing that she had killed a lion, a leopard and other African big game.  While those pictures drew support from some, they drew extreme anger from others. Jones received death threats and one Congressional candidate even promised to pay $100,000 for nude pictures of Jones as revenge for her having killed wildlife.

Comments on the TTHA Facebook page Saturday and Sunday were supportive of Jones, with one fan writing, “We need more of your kind. You are what makes America strong.”

Another wrote, “You have done a great job representing Texas and hunters everywhere.”

In some, but not all, of the photographs of Jones at the event, she wore a Texas Tech t-shirt.  Presumably Jones will be back on the Texas Tech campus in time for the start of classes. 

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