LPD Finds Synthetic Pot at Local Smoke Shop, Court Records Revealed

LUBBOCK, TX - A Lubbock business was the subject of a search warrant for synthetic cannabinoids according to court records that were made public on Monday.  

In October, police seized more than 412 grams of synthetic pot, a handgun, more than $1,000 cash and other items from Smoker’s Choice at 4445 34th Street.  The court records were hidden from public view until they were file-stamped on Monday. 

The search warrant said two people were the potential targets of criminal charges.  However, as of Tuesday afternoon current criminal charges were not pending, and therefore EverythingLubbock.com chose not to publish the names at this time. 

Both persons were charged with misdemeanor deceptive trade practice which was related to allegations of synthetic cannabinoid.  For one, the charge was dropped. For the other, the penalty was one day in jail.  

However, more recently prosecutors have opted for felony charges instead of misdemeanors.  

For example, Anthony Carter, 50, of Lubbock was sentenced last week to 90 years in prison for selling synthetic cannabinoids at his Tobacco Road shops in Lubbock.  

Police and prosecutors began a crackdown of synthetic pot in Lubbock in 2014.  


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