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Lubbock Doctor Pleads Guilty to Violating Protective Order

LUBBOCK, TX - On Monday, Dr. David Vermillion, 40, of Lubbock pleaded guilty to violating a protective order.

Vermillion signed a written confession as part of the plea deal.  He admitted he went within 1,000 feet of the house where his estranged wife was living.  A divorce case was still pending Wednesday according to civil court records.

Court records said Vermillion was sentenced to 24 months of probation on one charge of violating a protective order and 18 days in jail for a second count of the same charge.

He has already served the jail time due to previous arrests, so the only thing left to serve is the probation.

Both convictions are a class A misdemeanor. 

Vermillion was arrested multiple times for trespassing in the summer of 2016.  Eventually, he was charged with stalking.  The stalking charge is no longer listed in public access electronic court records for Lubbock County. 

The Texas Medical Board website still listed Vermillion as having a medical license in good standing as of late Wednesday afternoon.

CORRECTION: One of the charges against Vermillion for violation of a protective order started as a felony, however, his plea bargain reduced it to a class A misdemeanor.  The other such charge was always a class A misdemeanor.  Therefore, both convictions are for class A misdemeanors.  

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