Lubbock Girl Kidnapped, Chained Up, Raped – Man Arrested

Warning: Some of the details in this story are graphic.

LUBBOCK, TX - An arrest warrant said Tyrone TK Carter, 43, kidnapped a 16-year-old girl, chained her to the front seat of his car, took her to an abandoned apartment and raped her repeatedly.  Carter was arrested Thursday.

A police officer was flagged down at East 34th Street and Juniper Avenue on January 13.  Police found the 16-year-old girl with a chain around her neck. 

In the arrest warrant, one police officer wrote, “I observed [the victim] with a chain around her neck with a pad lock on it. [The victim] had a busted lip and the right side of her face was swollen.”

Police cut off the chain.

The victim told police she was walking home from a friend’s house.  She said a man dragged her to his vehicle that was parked at a school.  She was confused as to which school it was.

The arrest warrant said, “[The victim] told [the suspect] that she did not want to get in the vehicle. [The victim] stated that [the suspect] punched her in the face with a closed fist and told her to get in the car or he would kill her.”

She said she had been held in the Coronado Project Apartments, East 28th Street and Southeast Drive. 

Carter told her he had two or three other girls in the abandoned apartments. 

The Lubbock Police SWAT team searched the apartments and did not find any other victims.  However, police found a chain that matched the chain on the girl’s neck.

The warrant said after being held overnight, “[The victim] stated that [the suspect] told her that he had to go downstairs and check on the other girls. [The victim] advised that when he left she was able to pry one of the chain links apart and escape the apartment.”

When police found her, she had bruises, scratches and blood on her shirt.  The arrest warrant said some of the scratches were from Carter dragging her across the floor of an abandoned apartment.

The warrant said, “She was punched in the face three to four times with a closed fist by the suspect for not keeping quiet.”

A police news released on Thursday said, “At the time the juvenile was found, she had not been reported missing.”

A family member thought she was staying overnight with a friend, according to the warrant. 

Police arrested Carter on January 13 for failure to ID and possessing marijuana.  He was able to post bond for those charges on February 2.

Carter denied involvement in the kidnapping and refused to give a DNA sample.  Police obtained a warrant for his DNA.  Test results as a match for Cater came back on March 7.  On Wednesday, an arrest warrant was issued.

Carter’s jail booking sheet did not yet list the bond amount, but prosecutors were asking that he be held on two $250,000 bonds.

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