Lubbock Man Arrested, Accused of Pointing Gun at Wal Mart Employee

LUBBOCK, TX - A police report said someone pointed a gun at a Walmart employee in the parking lot of the 114th Street location of Walmart Sunday night.  Police found Joel Ellis Herrera, 50, of Lubbock and arrested him for aggravated assault, felon in possession of a firearm and a previous arrest warrant for forgery.

Police were called for the report of a man beating a woman. 

A police report said the woman screamed, “Help, help!  Call 911!”

Before officers arrived, an employee heard a commotion in a pickup truck, and he came closer to see what was going on. 

According to the police report the employee said “[The suspect] went around to the other side of the pickup and pointed a gun at [him] and said, ‘back off.’”

The police report said, “When [the suspect] pointed the firearm at him, it placed him in fear for his life and he felt threatened.”

Herrera sped off in the pickup truck with a woman inside.  Police stopped Herrera at 122nd Street and Milwaukee Avenue.

Police found the gun and ammunition.  Police also found the woman,

An officer wrote, “I observed injuries to her left eye, her shirt was torn and her eyes were dark and appeared to be swollen.”

The police report said she refused to cooperate when asked about her injuries.  The Walmart employee was not injured.

Herrera was held Tuesday in lieu of bonds totaling $23,000.


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