Lubbock Man Arrested After DWI Crash and Children Left Alone

LUBBOCK, TX - Children’s Protective Services took emergency custody of a Lubbock man’s children after he was arrested for DWI and abandonment of a child.

Police were called Sunday about 4:00 a.m. to the 5800 block of 4th Street for a car crash.  The driver was identified in a police report and a jail booking sheet as Robert Heath Davies, 34, of Lubbock.

Davies and two friends were not seriously injured.  But according to the police report, Davies had the “distinct scent” of alcohol on his breath, and he admitted to an officer that he had been drinking vodka.

According to the police report, Davies told an officer that his children were home alone.

Police and CPS took Davies keys to his home in West Lubbock to get inside without breaking down the door.  According to court records, two children were sleeping on the floor in the living room.

In court records, CPS wrote, “The children's hair appeared to have not been combed in several days and was somewhat matted.”

“[A CPS] worker photographed the living room and the bedrooms,” CPS wrote.  “The home had several empty liquor bottles in the laundry room, kitchen and the master bedroom. The master bedroom was observed to be cluttered with clothes thrown on the floor and bed.”

CPS claimed it intervened previously in the family and Davies showed a history of alcohol abuse and marijuana use according to court records.  Other family members were considered for taking the children but rejected by CPS. 

Davies was able to post on bond to get out of jail.  A court hearing on the status of the children was set for March 7.

If convicted of the abandonment charge, Davies would face no more than two years in state jail.  The DWI case was listed as a misdemeanor. 


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