Lubbock Police Initially Believed Bank Robbery Was Tied to Fake 911 Call

A possible connection is still under investigation.

LUBBOCK, TX - A police report made available on Monday said the robbery of 1st Convenience Bank (inside Walmart at 1911 Marsha Sharp Freeway) might be related to a fake report of shots fired at the Civic Center.

An officer wrote in the police report, “While on patrol, I received a police radio call to the Civic Center at 1501 Mac Davis Lane in reference to a possible shots-fired.”

“It was discovered that this was a false report,” the officer wrote.  

Police released the audio of the fake 911 call.  

911: “911, what is your emergency?”
Caller: “Yes, yes. The convention center, there’s a gun show.  A guy just shot three people in the parking lot and ran into the building with [inaudible].  I don’t know what’s going on besides that.  It’s the parking lot.  The parking lot.”
911: “What convention center, sir?  Hello?” 

The dispatcher was able to track the phone to 16th and Avenue J. which is just down the street from the Lubbock Police Department.  Then the bank robbery call came in. 

“I believed the calls were possibly related so I responded to 1911 Marsha Sharp Freeway,” the officer wrote.

A spokesperson for LPD on Monday said, “We CANNOT confirm at this time that there is a link between Saturday’s bank robbery and the call that came in at the Civic Center.”

“[It] is something that our officers are investigating at this time,” LPD said. 

Police on Saturday released an image of the bank robbery suspect.  Anyone with information on the robbery was asked to call Lubbock Police or Crime Line 806-741-1000.  

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There is a second police report on the matter which was not publicly available at the time of this story.  If the second report sheds new light then will provide an update.  


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