Lubbock Police Suggesting Motorists To Be More Cautious

LUBBOCK, TX - Roadside accidents are on the rise and Lubbock Police Department is suggesting some advice to drivers on how to avoid these dangerous situations.


Tiffany Pelt with Lubbock Police Department said, “If you can pull over onto the shoulder and you can pull as far over to the side as possible that is going to be the safest. But really the big thing is knowing what is going on around you and keeping an eye on traffic, never turn your back to traffic and just make sure you’re watching what other drivers are doing.”

Motorists need to be aware of distractions like texting and driving.

Pelt said, “Never trust the drivers and never assume that they aren't distracted when they're driving.”


Lubbock Police also suggest knowing how your car is working before hitting the road.

Pelt said, “Prepare in advance make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly, having pressure in your tires and everything is working the way that it should be to prevent having to pull over on the side of the road because of maintenance issues.”

Most of all Police suggest to make yourself visible and to pull under lighted areas at dark.

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