Lubbock Resident Releases Surveillance Video of Hit & Run Crash

Published 08/21 2014 12:35PM

Updated 08/21 2014 12:42PM

LUBBOCK, TX -- A Lubbock woman, Sheila Griffin, released surveillance video Wednesday of a hit and run crash in her front yard on August 17.  The video shows a crash in the 6300 block of 7th Street during the early morning hours.

“The driver was coming around the corner and took out the stop sign and the hydrant,” Griffin said. “They kept coming around and hit my truck.  The whole time he [or she] was dragging the hydrant.” 

The suspect vehicle appears to be a pickup truck in the video.  Griffin said the tire tracks are consistent with a Ford Raptor but she thought it might also be an F-150.

Griffin said, “There was a marker that came off the vehicle and it said Ford so we’re pretty sure we’re looking for a Ford.  The witnesses said it was black.”

“We all came running outside – the whole neighborhood it seemed.”

A police report listed damage to two vehicles in the neighborhood with an estimated loss of $10,000 each.  Damage to the stop sign and city poles was estimated at $2,000.  The fire hydrant damage was estimated at $5,000. 

Griffin said, “I’m not really upset with the police.  I know they’re busy.  But I was hoping the news would get it out there.” 

“He [or she] not only caused damage to two people’s vehicles, he tore up city property.  I want to find him.  It’s not fair that we have to pay out of our pocket,” Griffin said.

Aside from the police report, LPD has not yet made any public statement on the case.  Griffin said if anyone knows anything to please call Crime Line at 806-741-1000. 
Click the video link to see Griffins video.

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