Man Arrested for Robbery at Gunpoint, Stealing Shotgun, and Damaging 2 Police Cars

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Police arrested Jalen Juwan Smith, 23, in the early morning hours of Thursday.  Police were called to 3824 Erskine Street for a robbery. 

“[A] male wearing a dark hoodie robbed the victim with a shotgun, demanding his wallet and car keys,” a police report said. “The victim ran from the attacker and didn’t know if he had taken his white Audi or not.”

Police spotted the Audi nearby and Smith was ordered to get out.

“[Smith] looked at me and ignored my commands. I heard [Smith] attempting to start the vehicle but it was already running,” the police report said.   “I believe [Smith] was thinking of fleeing backwards or driving forward to hit me.”

The police report said, “I aimed my firearm at [Smith] and stepped forward giving him clear commands to exit the Audi.”

Police arrested Smith and found a loaded shotgun in the car.  Police believe Smith broke into a vehicle, stole the gun and then used to rob the man who owned the Audi. 

But Smith wasn’t done.

While in handcuffs in the back of a police unit, he slipped the cuffs from his back to his front.  Then kicked the back window out.  A police report said the window and the frame sustained significant damage.

Police then handcuffed him again with his hands in the back.  As an officer was driving Smith to the Lubbock County Detention Center, he slipped the cuffs again from his back to his front. 

“[Smith] dared me to turn on my backseat camera,” the police report said.  Smith pulled the wires out of the camera, according to the police report. 

Smith was already wanted.  The new charges against him included aggravated robbery, felon in possession of a firearm, and burglary of a vehicle.  


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